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You need to promote your business. But how do you do that? The choices are endless. Social media, Google Ads, Facebook ads, SEO, content, email marketing (the list goes on).

To get a bit philosophical for a minute, it’s important to remember that people are engaged by stuff that interests them at a specific moment in time. Sometimes they are actively looking to buy something and sometimes they’re not. In either case, if you can satisfy that curiosity – or be somewhere in the mix – at that specific moment, then they may decide to 1) find out more about what you do and/or 2) buy your product – both options a move in the right direction.

Bought vs earned

You can buy this attention (by advertising) or you can earn this attention by giving interesting and useful information to people, for example via your own website or social media, or through any mention or coverage of you and your business in other channels.

In the olden days these other channels (for earned attention) were pretty limited – it would either be a direct referral from someone else (to an individual or to that person’s client/fan base) or it might be coverage in the media, ie – in the olden days – a newspaper/magazine or on radio or TV.

Today, it’s not so easy to define ‘the media’ – there’s now such a huge array of different channels and people and publications that it can be difficult to work it out (in our opinion this is why there aren’t so many traditional PR agencies or ad agencies around any more – they’ve lost a lot of their business to ‘digital agencies’, which are a bit of everything).

The term ‘digital’ today is also really a bit old fashioned, implying that there’s a difference between digital and real world promotion. There isn’t. It’s pretty much all digital.

So… where does NewsBusiness fit into all of this? NewsBusiness started out back in 2007 as a boutique PR agency – we were called ‘News Equals Business’ then. Our clients were primarily professional services selling to other businesses (B2B) and mid-sized. We focused on getting media coverage for them and writing content for their websites and email updates. As social media came along and then paid ads via Google and Facebook, our role became broader.

At the same time we became an online publisher, developing some specialist interest news websites which got some traction with specific communities, both locally and globally.

Today we straddle these two areas and help our clients get ‘exposure’ (in the broadest sense of the word) by…

• engaging traditional media on their behalf (traditional PR)
• helping them create their own content (for their own websites/social/email)
• giving their business exposure to our readership on our own specialist news sites (via ads or native content)

Our experience speaks for itself, with over 700 media mentions/interviews/articles achieved for clients (on TV/radio/mainstream newspapers/magazines/online) and somewhere around 2,400 content items (articles/client interviews/case studies) created for our clients.

The big question is – can we help you?

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