Are you a digital agency or web design business?


Would you believe that around 40% of our business comes from other agencies?

They turn to us when a web design project stalls because the client has not supplied the words to go into their beautiful new website.

We then ask for a detailed brief from the agency or speak directly to the agency client (as the in-house copywriter) and then get the copy written.

Within short order the draft copy is back with the agency for review, and – if any changes need to be made – we simply make those until we have final copy agency and client are both delighted with.

This results in a ‘win, win, win’ situation – the agency is able to complete the project, the agency client is delighted their new website is up and running …and we get paid!


  • NewsBusiness has worked for many agency clients, and most of these are repeat customers
  • We’ve written content for clients in a very wide range of sectors
  • It goes without saying that all work is conducted on a strictly ‘white label’ basis

So if your agency needs experienced copywriters, get in touch!