About Us

NewsBusiness started in 2007 as a boutique public relations (PR) agency for B2B clients, securing positive media coverage but also handling many other aspects of PR and marketing. The NewsBusiness team has racked up over 700 documented client media appearances, plus a lot of undocumented ones.

Although we still handle PR work, today the agency provides primarily marketing services to clients ranging from startups and social enterprises to established businesses – helping our clients communicate effectively via all channels available to them with innovative ideas and approaches shared via social media, websites, email and (primarily online) ads. And the odd physical event and promotion!

Although NewsBusiness works with a wide range of organisations, we specialise in…

  • content creation for social media and websites (including article writing) with a speciality in medical content
  • activation of retail precincts, especially ‘high street’ and ‘main street’ locations (check our affiliated agency Bateson Consulting for more info)


Did you know?
The business was originally called ‘News Equals Business’, which we changed to NewsBusiness in 2009, shortly after the fiftieth phone call where the person on the other end said “So you’re calling from Musical Business?”


David Bateson

David worked in sales for major publishing companies in the UK/Europe/Middle East, and then led an award winning team as business development manager for a London based printing company. He was later seconded to a small team setting up an early web-based printing service at the company.

Moving to Australia in 2000, he worked for a well-funded dotcom startup, followed by a contract running a large sales team for global software companies (one very well known!), then with a healthcare franchise where he generated over $1.2M in franchise sales via innovative marketing and public relations strategies. In 2005 he moved from Sydney to Brisbane and in 2007 set up NewsBusiness.

David has worked with clients from tech startups to large (50+ employee) businesses in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA, helping them devise and execute successful marketing campaigns. Extensive media coverage generated for clients has included several major national TV and radio spots as well as national print and high traffic online coverage.

He speaks regularly on marketing and PR* at business events and meetings, most recently at Griffith University and at the Brisbane Click! Digital conferences.

He also works as a consultant on digital marketing for small/medium businesses through Australian Government funded programs and agencies including the Small Business Advisory Service and the Brisbane Metro Business Enterprise Centre.

*including ‘PR Marketing‘ – having a PR mindset when devising and executing marketing plans

Senior Consultant

Anna Day

Anna has worked as a journalist, bureau chief, academic and public relations consultant and has won many awards in these roles. She has written for National Business Review (NZ), The Australian Financial Review and The Economist and has worked in radio and TV (National Radio News in Australia and TVNZ’s Eye Witness program).

As a public relations consultant she has worked for large corporations, industry peak bodies and government departments.

Anna also founded the Sunshine Coast Mentoring Service, which has helped more than 400 companies.