Are you getting the most out of your online advertising?




Are you already advertising online?

  • Are you getting the most out of your online advertising?
  • Do you know how to make sure your ads get in front of the right people?

Our suggestions…

  1. Don’t leave your ads on ‘autopilot’ and expect them to continue performing
  2. Don’t ignore new features and methods of advertising offered by the main players (Google and Facebook) – you might get much better results with these
  3. Always test and measure your advertising

By following these guidelines, we have seen some of our clients substantially increase their leads and sales while at the same time reducing their ad cost.

Have you not tried advertising online yet? (or had a bad experience when you did)

It is easy to make rookie mistakes. PLUS the main players (Google and Facebook) are forever changing the way their ads work, so what might not have worked when you tried them out before might work now. The most important thing is to understand that you need to test and measure your ads until you find the right formula and then go from there. You cannot expect one ad to ‘instantly work’. Sometimes it does, but in most cases you need to run a series of tests. The good news is that – although there is a cost – this process is a lot less expensive than in the old days of television/radio/print ads.





Wait! There’s more…

Google and Facebook are the main options, but they’re not the only options!

Google and Facebook are the big hairy gorillas in the online advertising space, but there are other options which may offer you access to your ideal customers for a fraction of the price – such as niche news sites.

Niche news sites are high traffic news websites in their niche – these can be for example local (or ‘hyperlocal’) sites providing news for residents of a small town or of a specific area/suburb in a big city, or national/international news sites for people with a specific interest.

NewsBusiness represents a number of these niche news sites, which offer very affordable advertising options for clients with a similar client base.

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