Content is King

(whether it’s on social media, your website or anywhere else!)


…said Bill Gates (apparently).

How does great content help generate business?

Great content…

  • Engages your followers on social media – enables them to find out more about you and your business – and encourages them to contact you
  • Gives your website higher rankings in Google for search terms used by people looking for what you do
  • Keeps your email updates engaging (and keeps your customers coming back and referring others)
  • Educates your existing and target clients (so you don’t have to do it in person)
  • Gets you noticed by mainstream media (who check social media and Google what they’re looking for too)
  • Can be repurposed via other channels

The NewsBusiness team has vast experience in writing informative, engaging (and occasionally entertaining) content in a very wide range of fields for clients needing written content for…

  • social media
  • websites
  • blogs
  • email (or print) updates

At last count the NewsBusiness team had written many thousands of social media posts, as well as over 2,600 articles, blog posts and reports for clients.


Many articles we have written for client websites are now ranked on page one on Google (some in top position) for highly relevant search terms.

Google the following and you’ll be looking at some of our clients’ sites on page one…

  • sharpest blade
  • different types of knife edges
  • direct access gastroscopy
  • bowel specialist brisbane
  • big toe fusion
  • druj surgery
  • ectopic teeth treatment

Have you worked with my industry?

Quite possibly. Topics our team have covered for clients (so far) include…

  • Medical (950+ articles over 18 specialist areas)
  • Automotive
  • Business (buying/selling; coaching; consulting; startups)
  • Community Projects
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Food & Drink
  • Importing/Exporting
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Human Resources
  • Homewares
  • Law
  • Local News
  • Photography
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Solar Power
  • Telecommunications

Who we work with

We work with a wide range of businesses, organisations and people, including a few international brands, but we won’t mention them by name here! If you’d like to find out who, get in touch.


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