If you work in sales or marketing, or run your own business…

We need to get you up-to-speed on all things PR.


Why? Just a quick reminder…

  • You’re potentially missing out on a whole world of (effectively) zero cost promotion for your business
  • Not only are there people who will find out about you who you would never have reached via conventional advertising and marketing, your existing customers and prospects are more likely to engage with you (ie buy) as the profile of you and your business rises
  • Having a PR mindset helps immensely with sales and marketing generally


Remember – if you’re in sales or marketing I’ve been where you are and understand your issues and concerns.

Plus you have a lot of things to unlearn from your sales or marketing background so that you can succeed on the PR side of things. I’m not saying completely change your approach to everything, just when it comes to PR.

Plus what I learnt in my PR journey helped me become a better salesperson and a better marketer!

Here’s how the coaching program will get you up-to-speed quickly…

1) Video Training/Coaching

There are three 30 minute coaching videos designed to do this. These videos will cover all of the important aspects of PR, for example…

  • How the media works
  • What journalists are interested in
  • How to work out what is newsworthy
  • Deciding which journalists to target
  • How to ‘pitch’
  • How to check if you got coverage
  • Making the most out of coverage in your marketing
  • Using your news even when you don’t get media coverage
  • Getting consistent coverage
  • How a PR mindset not only helps you get media coverage but also really helps with your marketing and messaging

2) Initial ‘deep dive’ coaching call (video or phone)

During this call I will answer any questions you have about the video training and then we set out a plan of action together to help you hit your PR goals.

3) Weekly coaching calls (~30mins)

This is where we review all aspects and address any roadblocks, brainstorming together ideas, pitches and approaches and how to handle contacts with the media and media coverage.

4) Access to weekly group coaching session

This is via a private Facebook group where you will get to hear the successes and challenges of other members of the coaching program (optional).

5) Unlimited access via email

Any questions you have outside of these formal coaching sessions you are welcome to send to me at any time via email.

What I ask of you

All I ask of you is that you…

  • are committed to making PR work for you
  • are prepared to do what is needed both in terms of preparatory work and research and contacting media outlets
  • listen to my advice!
  • persevere through any initial setbacks (PR isn’t easy!)

What you can expect from me

  • total commitment to helping you achieve your PR goals
  • honest advice
  • honest feedback

It took me around a year to find my feet in the weird world of PR. With this coaching program we can certainly speed that up a bit, however my recommendation is that you plan to be in the program for at least 4 months to get the most out of it. Your commitment is however just month-to-month and you can of course leave at any time!

So if you would like to get PR and a PR mindset working for you, get in touch.