You know that the internet has ‘finally arrived’ when doctors and surgeons start to pay attention and want new websites. Many surgeons still simply do not have websites at all and rely on referrals (aka ‘the old boys network’).

surgeonThe only real exceptions to this are cosmetic surgeons, who are generally appealing direct to consumers and – to an extent – bariatric (ie weight loss) surgeons – ditto. The other exception is newly qualified and/or generally younger surgeons, who totally grasp the importance of the net to them being able to establish themselves.

You can understand a built-in professional resistance to ‘Dr Google’, but ultimately people are – generally – a lot more interested in finding out a little bit more about their condition – and the person who might be operating on them – and now (quite rightly) pretty much expect to find all this info on the net.

And if a surgeon or medical specialist can make their website a powerful resource on the conditions that they treat and the procedures they specialise in, it’s much more likely they will be found by people who are at various stages of working out what their options are. Which is generally a good thing for them.

How do we know this? For the past several years NewsBusiness (and its previous incarnation, My Marketing Person) has been generating a lot of content for surgeons and medical specialists for their websites. And we’ve seen some of the pages on these sites rise to the top of Google for conditions and procedures they treat and offer.

Right now there’s really no way to automate this content creation process – robots and AI are not very good at this sort of writing yet, but it won’t be long before they are. In the meantime we will continue to offer our services!

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