Or perhaps putting it another way… the benefits of good publicity go beyond the obvious ones.

The most obvious benefit is that a positive story about you and your business is seen by thousands – or millions – of people and they flock to buy whatever it is you’re selling. Don’t get me wrong, this happens, and we’ve seen it first hand after some national TV coverage for one of our projects. Where a product is relatively inexpensive and is an ‘impulse’ type buy, yes there can be a huge influx of sales. But this rarely happens where the product is more expensive or is a specialist item. This includes almost all B2B. But there is still huge value in the coverage, it’s just that YOU have to leverage it. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Put reference to the coverage on your website (if you get mentioned a few times you’ll see that some businesses have a ‘brag sheet’ showing where they have featured)
  2. Send an email to all your business contacts letting them know you featured
  3. Put it on social media
  4. Start looking for your next opportunity for a media story (you’re a ‘media source’ now!)

Even people you have known for a long time will undergo a subtle change of attitude – you are now a slightly different person. You will have become ‘slightly famous’!

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