‘PR’ – public relations – is a misunderstood and much abused term. It’s commonly used in the sense of ‘getting positive media coverage’ but in fact it’s much broader than this. It literally means ‘relating to the public’ and of course one way of doing this is via the media.

Getting media coverage is not something many businesses are geared up for or have any knowledge of. The NewsBusiness team has many years of experience in getting media interest and coverage for clients on national TV and radio and in major newspapers and magazines, as well as – of course – online. We have PR experience in a very broad range of sectors, and have achieved substantial positive media coverage for clients in the following fields…

  • Accounting/tax
  • Authors
  • B2B products/services
  • Business coaches/consultants
  • Education
  • Events (national & regional)
  • Fire & emergency consultants
  • Food wholesale
  • Franchise groups
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Medical products/systems
  • Medical professionals & specialists (including surgeons, GPs, psychologists)
  • Pharmacy
  • Photographers
  • Politics (local)
  • Property management
  • Retail (online + bricks & mortar)/retail precincts
  • Startup businesses (incl tech)
  • Telecommunications products/services

How we charge for our PR services

Media coverage guarantee-backed project fee OR pay on results – you choose. Contact us for more information.