OK we all make spelling mistakes (ours below, since corrected), Whether this is because we genuinely don’t know how to spell the word or we just hit the wrong key on the keyboard it doesn’t matter. It only takes a few minutes more to proofread. Here are a few approaches that work…

  • Come back to your writing after taking a break and re-read (sometimes it’s as much about phrasing and punctuation as it is about spelling – does your writing flow?)
  • Read the piece backwards (great for spotting doubling up on words eg ‘the the’ and too many spaces between words)
  • Watch out for common spelling errors eg it’s/its, your/you’re and there/their/they’re

The old argument that ‘nobody cares about spelling anymore’ is only true for 80% of the population. It’s the 20% that do care who will mark you down …and maybe they were your target market?

What is your opionion?


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